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My Videos- 5

1. Ilayanila Pozhigiradu

2. Pothivacha Malligaimottu


4.Unnidam Mayangugiren

5.Aalaya maniyin Oosai

How to play two different melodies with our both hands?

1.How to play two different melodies?

2.Punnagai Mannan(Theme music)


   I am a musician, I play music instruments.

There are so many Tamil and Hindi films hit songs. They are so melodious, which we cannot forget them at all. For this kind of songs there are no sheet music to play and enjoy them in an Instrument like piano or key-board. So I started to arrange such tunes to be played in piano or in key-board.

The enormous developments in electronic devices made our youngsters to become lazy. Even good musicians are also fascinated towards this kind of devices, and using these electronic devices on stage performance, and act as if they are manually playing them. It is ridicules. And I am very sure to say, that they will be loosing their skills  in music.  To bring-forth the hidden talents from the students, I have written some Exercise-books for Guitar and Key-boards. And western-notations for Tamil and Hindi film hit songs also in two volumes.

Pudhu Mappillaikku