My journey towards music:

D.Jacob Jesupatham
Playing Piano-Accordion. .

My father Mr.V.Issac Devadoss. with me and with my wife.
Mr.D.Jacob Jesupatham and Mrs.Elizabeth Mary Flora Jacob
My doughters

1.J.Gnanam Samuel Percy Femina,
2.J.Gracy Christina,
3.J.Rosy Regina,
4.J.Daisy Diana.
I was born on 24-11-1943 at Vaniyambadi town in North Arcot Dist. My father Mr.V.Issac Devadoss and my mother S.P.S.Gladys Catty were good musicians. We are seven,three brothers and sisters for me. They are:
1.D.Jacob Jesupatham (Eldest son)
2.D.Violet Angelin Malliga,
3.D.Moses Mohanraj,
4.D.Lilly Lalithabai,
5.D.Mary Manonmani
6.D.Selva Kumar,
7.D.Baktha kumar,
I completed my studies in Voorhees College at Vellore.N.A, then I got a job in Postal department as H.G.Clerk. I started my music lessons at the age of nine. Mr. Edwards taught me the rudiments of music in the beginning. His daughter Miss. Christina Edwards was also studying with me, and she was a year younger than me. My Grandpa took interest in encouraging me to study music, he spent what all had to get me one Piano/accordian from Dr.Mendis (Doctor in C.M.C.Hospital,VLR) Afterwards I continued to study myself through many music books. Then I learnt Piano-accordion with the help of some tutorial books.
We were living in Sainathapuram, at Vellore.N.A. There was one Theological Seminary in Mission compound (at Sainathapuram) Rev.S.Tychicus.B.D. was the Principal. His son Mr.Bakthan Tychicus was my close friend, he started learning violin.When I continued my studies in Voorhees College, Vellore.NA.Dist, Mr.Bakthan Tychicus was my college mate. And from him I used to ask all my doubts in music, and he was my good guide. We started a music Orchestra in our college, and we both participated in so many cultural programmes.
Dr.Christy Anand Chellappa (Piano accordionist), and Mr.Jeyakaran Joseph were started an Orchestra at Vellore, and they named it as New Bright Orchestra. In the beginning I joined there as a singer. On Christmas days we will be busy in carol rounds. In our church (Bethel church, in Sainathapuram) every year I used to perform some special Christmas songs with the help of my friends, most of the songs are my own compositions. Then I joined with New-Bright Orchestra as second Accordionist. As an accordionist I learnt so many things from my Guru Dr.Anand Chellappa who was the conductor, main accordionist, and leader of the orchestra. He used to encourage me whenever I perform music. But when Dr.Anand Chellappa went aboard, I felt like an orphan in the Orchestra, nobody was there in the orchestra to encourage me.And I found that so many politics started blooming in our New bright Orchestra. So I dint want to continue as a musician over there.
After I left new bright Orchestra I began practicing regularly in my house. One day my college mate Mr.Jones (He was working in Record section in C.M.C Hospital) and Mr.Rajan (Avery good artist and Harmonist,at Vellore.) came to my house.They are planning to start a music group, and they requested me to join. And I agreed for that. From then onwards we started training our friends to build a good orchestra. Night and day we struggled to improvise the standard of our orchestra, we succeeded. We named our music group as, Star Light Orchestra. We earned a good name and fame. Each and every year we used to conduct Anniversaries with a grand scale. We called almost all cine musicians, music directors including Mr.Ilayaraja, and singers to participate in our performances we conduct. Our Star Light Orchestra became the number one orchestra at Vellore.N.A.Dist.

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